Easiest Way to Make Delicious Pico De Gallo #15minutesrlesscookingrecipecontest

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Pico De Gallo #15minutesrlesscookingrecipecontest.

Pico De Gallo #15minutesrlesscookingrecipecontest You can have Pico De Gallo #15minutesrlesscookingrecipecontest using 8 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Pico De Gallo #15minutesrlesscookingrecipecontest

  1. It's of Red or white onion.
  2. You need of tomatoes.
  3. It's of Lime.
  4. It's of Salt & pepper.
  5. You need of Green chillies or jalapeños.
  6. It's of Cilantro.
  7. It's of Garlic.
  8. It's of Mango.

Pico De Gallo #15minutesrlesscookingrecipecontest step by step

  1. Cut into small cubes/ pieces, tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, cilantro, and garlic & mango. First, toss the tomatoes, red or white onion, jalapeno, cilantro, and garlic together. Next, add the juice of a half a lime and add salt and pepper to taste. Store in the fridge. Serve with chips or on top of salad, burritos, tacos…you name it..

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